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Indoor Location Tagging Engine.

Submitted by Primal Pappachan (@primalpop) on Thursday, 22 September 2011

Section: Workshop: Advanced patterns in Android dev Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Tutorial

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Introduce tagin! which is a location tagging engine which can be used to create indoor lbs applications and present a demo application which uses this engine.


Presently mobile phone applications have to depend on GPS and tower triangulation to get the location info. But these solutions doesn't work indoors. That's where tagin! comes in, which is an open source, location tagging engine that may be used to create indoor, location-based services and applications. Also a demo, a 3D tag cloud, which showcases the potential of tagin! engine will be shown.

Speaker bio

I am presently a member of the FOSSEE project at IIT Bombay. tagin! was my GSoC 2011 Project as a student developer.





  • Shree Kumar (@shreekumar) 7 years ago

    I haven’t seen this demo, and am wondering if this could be used to find the location of attendees during the conference…

  • Shreyas B (@shreyasb) 7 years ago

    Very interesting. Would be fun to learn about this.

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