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Design principles that are key to creating great products

Submitted by neeraj jain on Friday, 21 October 2011

Section: UI and Design Technical level: Beginner Session type: Lecture


Overview of Design principles that are key to creating great products


Think of great app or a great product. Why is it so successful, Why does it evoke an emotion, How that idea was conceived, Why is everybody talking about it? Design plays a very important role right from conception of idea to making it commercially viable. Design principles are being carefully integrated & are reflected in some of the most successful products around. Lets discuss what these Design Principles are & how can you use them to develop that next insanely great product/app.

Speaker bio

A Business Designer (MBA Business Design) by qualification and working as a User researcher at SAP labs, my work lies at the intersection of Business, Design & Technology and involves understanding end users & crafting profitable solutions.



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