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Design and development of enterprise dashboards for Android tablets

Submitted by Prashant Singh (@prksingh) on Friday, 28 October 2011

Section: UI and Design Technical level: Beginner Session type: Lecture


To first introduce the problems with data visualisation on Tablets. Discuss and demo the solutions and also show how to create a consistent UI for these on tablets with different form factors and DPIs.


As enteprises move to a BYOD culture, executives are more likely to consume the information they need for analysis, presentation or decision making on their tablet devices. Designing for tablets offers new challenges in information visualization, and the way one interacts with information. In this session, we demonstrate how one can use Adobe Flex, one of the most commonly used enterprise frameworks for data visualization to target tablets as well. In addition to covering the interface design issues specific to the tablet form factor, we will also present how one can continue to reuse existing back end servers and services.


Basic knowledge of device app usage and development. Some coding experience

Speaker bio

Prashant Singh is an Adobe Platform evangelist working on the Flash platform. He works on finding solutions to enterprise and developer specific technical problems, helping establish Adobe Flex as a framework standard. He regularly speaks at industry and developer focused conferences, having recently spoken at Adobe Flash Platform Summit, Great Indian Developer Summit and Indic threads for mobile. Lately he has been working on multi-platform and multi-device development using Flex and Flash. You may also hear from him on ‘when and how to bring existing desktop content/apps on mobile devices’



  • krutin karia 7 years ago

    Adobe has announced end of life for flash on mobile device.... instead can this talk be more about data visualization on mobile devices using HTML5

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