Droidcon India

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Android multimedia internals

Submitted by Alexy Joseph (@galahad) on Oct 13, 2011

Section: Android hacking, porting, firmware Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture Status: Confirmed & scheduled


To provide a slightly deeper dive into the working of stagefright to give a kick start to porting and extending multimedia functionalities on Android.


Will be describing the various blocks of stagefright and how they interact with each other taking rtsp and file playback as examples. Based on availability of time for the talk and the interest, i will also be covering porting stagefright with integration with overlay, camera and openmax codecs. Understanding of Openmax and some other multimedia framework will help in following the talk better.

Speaker bio

Primarily a Multimedia frameworks engineer. During the 8 years of work, i have dealt with writing two proprietary multimedia frameworks, integrated various codecs, tuned performance, worked on board wake up procedures and have also worked with couple of device drivers.




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