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Submitted by rakendu ravindra on Monday, 17 October 2011

Section: Mobile web and cross-platform apps Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo


People attending this workshop can learn how to use the alipi tool to narrate a web-page. And also see the available re-narrations. At the end of the demo, the audience will be able to use and also develop on Alipi. Yes, it is open source.


aLipi -- lipi means alphabet, letter, writing or script in Sanskrit, and in many Indian languages. "a" as a prefix is used as a negation in Indian languages. So alipi as a word means without-alphabet or text/print-impaired. In developing countries like India, in addition to the visually handicapped there is another significant segment of the population, namely the insufficiently literate, who are also a large target community for provisioning screen reading of content. This segment would, however, benefit from a visually rich rendition of a site while "reading out" the content. "Alipi - god's own content" is an investigation into creating and managing locally relevant accessible content for communities. Towards this is a11y.in - "re-narration Web". It is a generic Web-framework for developing and rendering narratives that assist in accessing Web-content across cultural boundaries. Re-narration Web is therefore about Web-accessibility for digital Inclusion or e-inclusion. alipi / a11y.in research and development is open source, and is seeking developers, narrators, designers and Internet interest groups to help with development, demonstration and formalization so that an effective consolidation of architecture, processes and recommendations can evolve over the next couple of years.


An Android phone

Speaker bio

Name: Rakendu R Jois Have experience in both iPhone and Android application development. Currently working with Servelots Infotech Pvt Ltd. I am die-hard Android fan/developer/evangelist/enthusiast. My final year project was based on Android. I have been developing this application as a part of the day job I am into.


  • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Reviewer 7 years ago

    This is an interesting project, but how is it related to Android? It sounds like a pure web thing. Detail would be appreciated.

  • tb dinesh 7 years ago

    I guess the current state of browsers on Android devices makes a pure web play interesting as there is no facility for browser extensions. So its about a custom browser app? Rakendu?

  • rakendu ravindra Proposer 7 years ago

    It is an android application. And i have not made it totally related to browser. I am using Android features to do many things such as interaction with users,interaction with JS, xPath evaluation etc. The browser(Android webKit) is just a part of the application.

    • Kiran Jonnalagadda (@jace) Reviewer 7 years ago

      Is there a demo we can see somewhere?

  • rakendu ravindra Proposer 7 years ago

    Yes a demo is available. The app is available in github. https://github.com/rakendu-droid/Alipi-Android-tool
    The .apk can be downloaded from https://github.com/rakendu-droid/Alipi-Android-tool/downloads. It works well with the pages we have re-narrated. I suggest you to try it out with http://a11y.in/a11y_fs/ (don’t forget the ‘/’ in the end) .

  • rakendu ravindra Proposer 7 years ago

    I could show you the demo in person if we could meet sometime. Guess that would be better.

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