Ananda Krishna

Ananda Krishna


How to fix a hacked WordPress site & secure it

Submitted Oct 7, 2020

When I ask business owners about security, they commonly reply with “Why would anyone hack me? I’m just a small business owner”

But have you ever actually thought WHY someone would hack you? How can you prevent such hacks, and what you will do if you get hacked?


This is an intermediate to advanced, deep dive talk on security and content websites. It covers:
- Why hackers hack
- What are the common ways WordPress sites are exploited (case study of WP File Manager)
- How to deal with an incident, malware infection or a security breach
- Precautionary steps/actions/checklist/Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to ensure that a site remains safe


This talk is for:
- Developers who have a hacked WordPress website and want to fix it
- WordPress administrators who want to secure their site from being hacked

Speaker bio

Ananda Krishna is the co-founder and CTO of Astra Security (, a security suite that helps businesses stay safe online. Security Engineer by day, FullStack developer by night. Wrote his first Remote administration tool (RAT) at 14 and has been acknowledged by indian Navy, United Airlines, Microsoft, Kotak etc. for finding critical security vulnerabilities. Techstars ‘18 alumni. Astra is the winner of the Best Security Product at Global Conference on Cyberspace 2017 and Innovation & NASSCOM Emerge 50, 2019.




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