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Zainab Bawa

Zainab Bawa

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Newsletters - case studies

Submitted Jul 17, 2020

Do you run a newsletter for your organization/brand/self? Share your story:

  1. A brief summary about the newsletter. When did it start? What are the topics it covers? How many people subscribe to it?
  2. Why did the newsletter start? What are the objectives? Who is the audience? What are the expected outcomes?
  3. How did the publisher build the newsletter? Which platform did she choose? Tell us about the design and the template? How do you other tools such as AB testing, analytics and audience segmentation?
  4. How does she promote the newsletter? Is website required to anchor the newsletter? How important is the role of social media in promoting? How does the newsletter compare to blogging.
  5. There are so many newsletter platforms out there. How should one pick one: Substack, Revue, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Medium or ScrollStack?
  6. Why and when did you decide to paywall your newsletter? How does the business logic work?
  7. Share the favourite newsletters? Also, help us know some cool tools for researching, designing and publishing the newsletters?


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