In this session, Jinesh and Saket will cover the following questions about the Shopify ecosystem:

  1. What does an online merchant require from an e-commerce system?
  2. Where does Shopify fit in? What makes it popular?
  3. Use cases and scenarios where Shopify is not recommended.
  4. Feature walk through.
  5. Popularity of Shopify - graphs and data points.
  6. Ecosystem, developers and integration.

About the speakers: Jinesh Dedhia is a Shopify expert with experience in building marketing systems aligned with customer journeys. He has helped, plan, build and measure marketing systems for major eCommerce brands including TheLableLife, FacesCanada, HeadphoneZone, FloMattress, NoNasties and GoDesi.
Saket Pandey leads New Initiatives at Marmeto, a leading Shopify expert agency which has worked closely with more than 300+ brands for running their online stores on Shopify. Saket has a rich and diverse experience of building SaaS solutions that matters to bring a valuable change in the industry, where people can be more inclined towards solutions instead of just making revenues.

Participation: Zoom link will be shared with registered participants. Or, you can watch the livestream on this page.
Registered participants can leave comments/questions on the Comments section for the speaker to address during the session.

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Q&A session

Q&A session

39 minutes24 October 2020
Is Shopify the right platform for you?

Is Shopify the right platform for you?

Jinesh Dedhia and Saket Pandey, in conversation with Souvik Das Gupta

29 minutes24 October 2020

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