Construkt Open Mic (Finale)

15 minute talks

What it is like to work at VC ?

Submitted by Manveen Kaur (@veenzpotter) on Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Technical level: Beginner


Demystifying Venture Capital for everyone. You will get to know what (and when) to expect from VC.


What’s an average day in the office of a VC?
What VC looks for before investing?
What you should expect from VC?
Why some VC will never fund you?
How VC decides to fund or not fund you?



Speaker bio

I worked for Jungle Ventures, a leading VC firm in SEA for my internship. My project there was to find innovative and interesting start-ups for Jungle Ventures to invest in. For my work I interacted with various startups to understand nitty gritties of their businesss and evaluate them. There is a lot of uncertainity and doubts when thinking about approaching a VC. My purpose is to lessen the doubts in minds of entrepreneurs.



  • Manveen Kaur (@veenzpotter) Proposer 4 years ago

    Any specific questions you would wish for me to answer in the talk?

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