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Evolving an idea into a product

Submitted by Mangalam Nandakumar (@mangalamn) on Friday, 6 February 2015

Technical level: Intermediate


I hope to share how lean startup principles can help a startup validate product ideas before diving full fledged into product creation.


When we started experimenting with the Lean Startup way of trying uncover problems faced by our target group, we found our idea of a product coming directly from the customers. This talk is a sneak peek into how we did this, and how we got our first customer even before we had a product and a glimpse into our journey of shaping this idea into a product.

Speaker bio

I am one of the founders of where we have created our first product ‘carrot’ for events. I bring over 15 years of experience working in ThoughtWorks, Citigroup and Polaris. I have played various roles dev, QA, business analyst, coach and mentor. I have also run my art school for a short stint. Stepping into the startup world has been an exciting and challenging move, and I have a new story to tell everyday !


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