Libre, not Gratis

Ranjith Rajaram


Is Dockerless world a reality ?

Submitted Feb 4, 2019

Container orchestration Engine like Kubernetes or PaaS platform like OpenShift have support for multiple container runtime. docker is widely used and the currently the most popular container runtime. In this talk, we will review and explore alternative container runtime and standards surrounding it. We will learn how to build simple container images(including multi-stage builds) without docker and how to manage them on a single node and at scale.


Brief into to containers including types of containers, kernel features
Three letter jargons: CRI,OCI,CRI-O
Build container images with and without docker
Run and manage containers without docker
Preview of containers at scale with OpenShift origin

Speaker bio

Ranjith Rajaram is a Linux Evangelist and an advocate of Libre software. Works for Red Hat as Technical lead. He has 16 years of experience in implementing Linux servers for complex workloads.

He has presented papers in Kubecon Europe and many other International Conferences.


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