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WebAR: Augmented Reality for our Browsers

Submitted Feb 20, 2019

The goal of this talk is to introduce the attendees with Web based Augmented Reality using the Open source library AR.js. Attendees will be introduced about

  1. Introduction of Web Based AR / VR
  2. Basics of AR
  3. Different types of AR
  4. introduction of AR.js
  5. Demo of AR.js app
  6. Code explanation of demo App


Augmented Reality has lot of scope with education, we can convert lot of existing static content into interactive contents. Example consider during school days we might have mapped the brain in our text books with lot of labels, what if we click on those labels and get the answer about that part of brain.


Mobile Phone with Browser Chrome / Firefox

Speaker bio

Viswaprasath is a long time Mozilla contributor and currently contributing as a Mozilla Techspeaker and got opportunity to share knowledge about Cross browser Extensions is various conferences. During day time he is backend developer at Zoho Corporation and during night he explores more about Web and technologies around it.


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