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Kushal Das


Security by compartmentalization: using QubesOS

Submitted Feb 28, 2018

The idea behind QubesOS is known as security by compartmentalization. You create different Qubes (VMs or domains) to compartmentalize your digital data. So that even if one of the VMs is compromised, the attacker will not be able to access data stored in other VMs.

This talk will introduce QubesOS, discuss the internal and working principals. We will also see how various day to day things can be handled safely in Qubes.


  • What is QubesOS?
  • Why?
  • Demo from speaker’s laptop
  • split-ssh
  • Secure Vaults

Speaker bio

Kushal Das is a staff member of Freedom of the Press Foundation and developer of SecureDrop project. He is also a CPython core developer, and a director at Python Software Foundation.



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