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Joice Joseph


Introduction to Platform Cooperativism: Where people own their platform

Submitted Feb 21, 2018

Wikipedia says,
“A platform cooperative, or platform co-op, is a cooperatively-owned, democratically-governed business that uses a protocol, website or mobile app to facilitate the sale of goods and services. Platform cooperatives are an alternative to venture capital funded platforms insofar as they are owned and governed by those who depend on them most—workers, users, and other relevant stakeholders. Proponents of platform cooperativism claim that, by ensuring the financial and social value of a platform circulate among these participants, platform cooperatives will bring about a more equitable and fair digitally-mediated economy in contrast with the extractive models of corporate intermediaries. Platform cooperatives differ from traditional cooperatives not only due to their use of digital technologies, but also by their contribution to the commons for the purpose of fostering an equitable social and economic landscape.”


Platform Cooperativism is the idea of people owning thier own thier workspace (platform).
After the financial crisis of 2008, the global financial sector changed their mode of operation.
The massive growth of shared economy is killing the spirit of workers.
Airbnb, uber, Alibaba, Ola are examples for Shared economy platforms where their business model is by owning nothing but platforms and governing, discriminating them. So, The idea of platform cooperativim is to own and operate the platform and get benefited.

Vector class and hacker class
Shared economy and its social concequences.
What is Platform cooprativism
Platform cooperativism success stories
Why platforms should be Swatanthra/Mukth software.
Guidelines for setting up a platform cooperative 
developers, unite for a cooperative future

Speaker bio

Final year UG student, member of a platform cooperative startup.


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