I am Joy.
I have 1.8 years of experience in support profiles but now looking for a career transformation into a developer.
I am really interested to know if I could join and learn with your team.

I’ve been learning web development and have built a few projects while doing so.
I am familiar with Python, DSA, HTML, CSS, React.JS, JavaScript, Git, GitHub, Web Hosting, Linux, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, Problem Solving.

All my projects are ready for a live demo and I understand each and every part of the code I have written in those projects.
here is my GitHub repository link in case you want to check:

I sometimes also contribute to opensource and answer questions on stack overflow.
here’s my profile in case you want to check:

Below are the links to all the projects I have worked on.

Book Recommendation app (React.js):
Profit or loss (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
birthday palindrome (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
fun with triangles (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
lucky birthday (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
cash register app (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
poke-pedia (React.js):
emojiepedia (React.js):
review carousal (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
click counter (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
color flipper (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
yoda-translator (React.js):
Analogue Clock (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
Minion Translator (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT):
pokemon quiz (JavaScript):
how well do you know me (JavaScript):
tik-tak-toe (python):
rock, paper, scissors (python):

Here’s the link to my portfolio:
portfolio link:

If you feel that I stand up to your expectations or even near it then let’s have a discussion about the job and the company over a call.
here’s my number:

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