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Spatial data and environmental governance

Submitted by Shashank Srinivasan (@s-shashank-s) on Aug 14, 2012

Section: Applications Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Discussion Status: Submitted


To discuss the applications of spatial data on environmental governance, in India and around the world.


I am interested in the connections between environmental governance and the increasing push for open (spatial) data. Free and/or open spatial data can permit more transparent environmental decision-making by governmental agencies . However, access to this information can also be used to further disempower the disempowered. In India, the ramifications of change to the existing environmental governance structure extend to land rights, natural resources, wildlife conservation and national security.



Speaker bio

Shashank Srinivasan is an independent ecologist and cartographer who works with NGOS across India. He is interested in applied geographic information systems, conservation policy and environmental governance, and in the intersection of these disciplines.


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