Cartonama Conference

Making the most of geospatial data, community mapping, and location-based services.


Submitted by Govil Khatri (@govilk) on Sunday, 19 August 2012

Section: Applications Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo


Audience will get to know how to use Location & Map APIs in their apps and the challenges we face while developing Location based apps, also a little about on andriod maps like overlays, mapview, graphics etc.


Fed up of explaining directions to friends on phones or while talking. Now no need to guide or explain any more...just share the path! MyPath.IO lets you CREATE AND SHARE ANY PATH, while moving one location to another and the app stores the path and later on available for share.

  • Demo on my Andriod app, MyPath.IO
  • Discussion on how to use Location & Maps APIs of andriod.
  • Discussion on how cool stuff we can build using these APIs.



Speaker bio

I am a full time hacker and a part time developer, loves to develop cool stuff and try out different things.



  • Tristan Kepert (@ristepert) 4 months ago

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