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Journey of an open geodata geek

Submitted by Arun Ganesh (@planemad) on Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Section: Technology Technical level: Beginner Session type: Lecture Status: Submitted


Convince you how free licenses and geographic data can change the world


This will be a brief journey through my life as a map geek. How It started with my sister's Oxford atlas when I was in kindergarten to how my life changed after I started contributing maps to Wikipedia. Along the way, I'll show the maps I've made, the projects I attempted, visions of the future and how we can kick ass with open source.

Speaker bio

Arun Ganesh has been reading atlases since childhood and loves to understand the earth using charts and diagrams. His belief in the benefit of open knowledge has resulted in a large number of contributions to Wikipedia and the OpenStreetMap Project which have now trickled into numerous spots in the physical world.



  •   Ananda Dasgupta 7 years ago

    The next one should be in Mumbai

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