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3 real-world map-related projects

Submitted by Sanjay Bhangar (@batpad) on Aug 31, 2012

Section: Applications Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Demo Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


Go through code and demos for 3 interesting map-related projects.


I will speak about and demo 3 map-based projects:

1> ChaloBEST - over the past few months, a group of us in Mumbai worked with data from the BEST to generate a GTFS feed and setup an OpenTripPlanner instance, viewable at

2> - a tool to geo-locate raster maps, developed by Topomancy LLC and open-sourced, allows one to create overlays of historical maps and offers other exciting possibilities.

3> - The video archive allows one to geo-locate segments of video and then view video clips associated with a location -


an open mind

Speaker bio

Sanjay Bhangar is co-founder of CAMP ( ), an artist / hacker-space in Mumbai and works part-time with Topomancy LLC on map-based projects. He has worked on and a wide range of web-based initiatives.



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