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buy Tactical gear


Creative Tips On Using Binder Clips For Survival

You might think how can you use binder clips for survival? It’s just a clip to bind all the boring office paper together. You would be shocked to read there are several other innovative ways you can use the binder clips in the wilderness. It can be a handy tactical gear for survival.

You can catch and cook the wood, help with your wound, make shelter, and various other ways. It

● Make shelter with the help of binder clips: These clips have an amazing grip on binding things together. So it can be a great alternative for wires or strings. You can easily make a shelter as it can conveniently bind the cloth sticks that are of regular size.

● It’s a great finger splint: You don’t have to wait to find your way in case of a medical emergency.

You can steady your toe or finger if they are broken with the help of the binder clip. You can just clip it on the broken finger and tie it with the help of a bandage, tape, or tear the piece of the tactical clothing you might be wearing.

● Catch food: When you are lost in the wilderness, and there is a river or lake nearby then you can never go hungry. You can catch fishes with the help of a binder clip.

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