Sci-Fi, Spies & Democracy: A Chat with Malka Older

The Centenal Cycle, Malka Older’s Hugo nominated series (Infomocracy, Null States and State Tectonics), is a brilliantly imagined future, in which ‘Information is Power’ takes on a much more literal meaning. Complex, farsighted, and featuring a diverse cast of characters, the books in the series seamlessly blend the push and pull of global politics (as radically reimagined microdemocracy), with the thrill and excitement of an unputdownable spy thriller.

On the 29th of January, 2021, join us in the first Anthill Inside SF Book Club session of the year, to chat with Malka Older, as we discuss The Centenal Cycle, how her personal politics influences her work, and more.

About the speaker:
Malka Older is a writer, aid worker, and sociologist. Her science-fiction political thriller Infomocracy was named one of the best books of 2016 by Kirkus, Book Riot, and the Washington Post. She is the creator of the serial Ninth Step Station, currently running on Serial Box, and her short story collection And Other Disasters came out in November 2019. She is a Faculty Associate at Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society and her opinions can be found in The New York Times, The Nation, and Foreign Policy, among other places.

About the moderators:
TG Shenoy is an SFF enthusiast, a columnist and critic. Amongst other things, he also hosts To Boldly Go, a fun SFF quiz every Saturday.

VIjayalakshmi Harish is a columnist, writer, and author of Strangely Familiar Tales.

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Malka Older on sci-fi, spies and democracy

Malka Older on sci-fi, spies and democracy

1 hour29 January 2021

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