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The Browser Backstage: Performance vs Security

Submitted Jun 26, 2024


When it comes to the browsers and certain websites not loading, behaving, or performing correctly - the users always tend to say

  • “My browser is sluggish!”
  • “My browser is consuming tons of resources.”
  • “My browser is a memory hog!”

This talk will investigate how a browser engineer can isolate potential problems and possible solutions. This task depends on the browser engine used, e.g., Chromium, Firefox, WebKit, etc., to employ the engine-specific performance monitoring tools. However, we will learn the techniques used in Chromium-based browsers for performance measurement for this conversation.

Also, we will uncover specific famous security exploits in the context of modern hardware architectures (specifically CPU pipelining), namely Spectre and Meltdown.

About the speaker

Vivek, an engineer with over 21 years of experience, specializes in low-level system programming, compilers, and operating system primitives. Most of his career has been dedicated to building browsers for consumer electronics, handheld devices, automotive, IoT, and XR.

Currently working at The Browser Company, he contributes to the Arc browser and has been active in numerous open-source projects since 2008. His roles have included being a reviewer on the Chromium project and a committer on the WebKit project in the past.

Vivek also has experience with self-driving technology, particularly in sensor fusion and computer vision.

His interests are deeply rooted in technology, especially in exploring system considerations for running AI/ML models on the edge.

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