Generative AI in Agritech

Exploring use cases and challenges of Generative AI tools in Agritech

About the talk

Dr Pratik Desai, founder of KissanAI, will be discussing the role of Generative AI tools in agritech and challenges pertaining to the same.

Key takeaways for the audience

  • Implementing Generative AI tools and technologies in agritech, in the Indian context.
  • Challenges of AI deployment in this sector.
  • Mitigating said challenges.

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About the speaker

Dr Pratik Desai is a seasoned computer scientist and entrepreneur with a deep-rooted passion for leveraging knowledge extraction through AI and Semantic Web technologies. Before venturing into AI applications for Agriculture, Dr. Desai honed his skills by co-founding three innovative startups in Silicon Valley. These ventures saw him spearhead large-scale data analytics and AI projects in multidisciplinary arenas including wearable technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the automotive industry. Furthermore, Dr. Desai has shared his vast knowledge with budding technologists through his book ‘Python Programming for Arduino’.

After this extensive journey across varied domains, Dr. Desai channeled his experience to establish Titodi Infotech. Under this banner, he introduced the world to KissanAI, the world’s pioneering multilingual voice-based Generative AI assistant tailored for the agriculture sector. Designed with a keen understanding of the challenges faced by farmers in developing nations, KissanAI surmounts literacy and language obstacles, ensuring that expert knowledge and data-driven decision-making are within reach of every farmer. With an impressive track record spanning multiple sectors and technologies, Dr. Desai stands poised to not only transform the global agricultural industry but also successfully drive any ambitious project to fruition.

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RSVP and venue

This session will be held in Bengaluru on the 28th of October from 11 am - 12:30 pm. The venue will be updated shortly. You can also watch the livestream on YouTube.

About the AI and Risk Mitigation meet-up series

This session is part of the AI and Risk Mitigation meet-up series. The meet-ups will cover three domains - health tech, agritech, and fintech. The meet-ups will be held online and offline.

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