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Taking AI Products to Market

Submitted by Puneeth N (@puneethnarayana) on Tuesday, 30 April 2019

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Section: Birds Of Feather (BOF) session Technical level: Intermediate Session type: Lecture


Want to have specific focussed discussion on what it takes to take pure play AI products to market. Have first hand experience taking multiple AI products to Indian B2B Market, I wanted to get product managers and KBLs in the domain to come in and share their journey and experiences. Hence, suggesting a bird of feather session.

Session will shed light over all stages of the AI product development and how it differs from regular software developement.


Right from conceptualization, to data collection, annotation, repeated model tweaking, and model deployments.
Handling pure play AI and Data Science products has it’s own life cycle.
I want to share 2 such experiences that I have had over the past 3 years.


  • What constitutes a AI product?
  • Steps of Creating an AI product
  • Learning to Swim, what happens when you put the product in the field.
  • Lessons from the Indian Market
  • Dealing with various stakeholders
  • Key Takeaways

Speaker bio

Puneeth is a quintessential technologist, with a zest for converting awesome innovations into great products. Having started off his career at Accenture Tech Labs over 5 years ago, Puneeth has focussed exclusively on products related to data domains and technologies. Through his career, he has donned various hats as a Data Engineer, Scientist, BI Consultant, AI Product Analyst, Co-founder and Product Manager. His most recent engagement has been to help SigTuple scale their flagship AI product in diagnostics.
Puneeth has a Masters degree in Computer Science from IIIT Bangalore.



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  • Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) Reviewer 5 months ago

    Hi Puneeth,

    Thank you for submitting a proposal. To consider your proposal for evaluation, we need to see more details in your slides. Currently the content on the slides is very thin. Your slides should cover the following:

    • Problem statement/context, which the audience can relate to and understand. The problem statement has to be a problem (based on this context) that can be generalized for all.
    • What were the tools/options available in the market to solve this problem? How did you evaluate alternatives, and what metrics did you use for the evaluation?
    • Why did you pick the option that you did?
    • Explain how the situation was before the solution you picked/built and how it changed after implementing the solution you picked and built? Show before-after scenario comparisons & metrics.
    • What compromises/trade-offs did you have to make in this process?
    • What is the one takeaway that you want participants to go back with at the end of this talk? What is it that participants should learn/be cautious about when solving similar problems?
    • Is the tool free/open-source? If not, what can the audience takeaway from the talk?

    We need to see the updated slides on or before 21 May in order to close the decision on your proposal. If we do not receive an update by 21 May we’ll move the proposal for consideration at a future event.

    • Puneeth N (@puneethnarayana) Proposer 5 months ago

      Hi Abhishek,

      I have updated my slides on the lines mentioned by you
      Some of the points are not relevant since I am talking about product management and not the technical system.

      Looking forward to the process.


    • Puneeth N (@puneethnarayana) Proposer 5 months ago (edited 5 months ago)

      Thanks for the inputs Abhishek. Will be sure to add in the changes by the deadline.

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