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Generation of Newsletter using Natural Language Generation

Submitted by Rajesh Gudikoti (@ragudiko) on Monday, 10 June 2019

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Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner Session type: Lecture


We will generate event narratives using NLG.
Assume I am part of event (like Anthill Inside). I conducted a session on particular topic (NLG). I make entry into internal tool. Below information are captured in database.

  1. name of the event

  2. type of event

  3. topic

  4. speaker name/s

  5. location where event is held

  6. number of people attended the event

When publishing team asks me to provide narrative of the event/my session, I start creating narratives by typing.
We conducted a session on “July 24, 2019” in “Bangalore”. “Rajesh Gudikoti” handled session on “Natural Language Generation”. The number of people attended was “80”. The event was live streamed to 2000 people. Some people showed enthusiasm to know more about implementation and different use cases of NLG.

How about generating event narrative automatically picking the data from database?


  1. What is NLG?
  2. What are best use cases for NLG
  3. Brief on sample implementation

Speaker bio

I have spent 2 decades in software industry and worked on both applications and products. My experience is in Java, J2EE, BPM AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Data Science. Currently helping startups and enterprise clients to adopt IBM Watson platform. Involved in developing POCs on AI-NLP for clients. I handle technical seminars and workshops on AI, Kubernetes and Data Science. I am also fortunate to be part of panel discussions in IT as well as in Engineering College.


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  • Rajesh Gudikoti (@ragudiko) Proposer 4 months ago

    password for video is 7fTePnpR

  • Abhishek Balaji (@booleanbalaji) Reviewer 2 months ago

    Hi Rajesh, thanks for submitting a proposal. The proposal does not fit as a talk for the conference since it’s not a case study or has been deployed in a large scale production system. We are looking for a case study which is in production and related to a specific domain, without which, the audience would not be able to takeaway any insights from your talk.

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