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Object Classification in 3D: Working with LiDAR point clouds

Submitted by Akbar Ladak (@bluplaneter) on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

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LiDAR sensors are rapidly becoming mainstream not just to detect obstacles (as in self driving cars), but also to identify object classes for mapping, disaster relief and other use cases.

I will talk about our experience in developing a high accuracy object classification algorithm for LiDAR point clouds that approached human detection using Pattern Recognition over a biased training dataset. I will also touch upon our work using Gain Adversarial Neural Networks (GAAN) to extend the applicability of the algorithm over a wider dataset with minimal effect on identification accuracy.


Introduction [3 min]

  • What is LiDAR?
  • What are LiDAR point clouds?
  • What is the size of typical LiDAR datasets that we encountered?

Why ML is not a magic bullet [5 min]

  • Getting our hands around scale
  • Data Abstraction & Dimensionality Reduction
  • “Knowledge” & Pattern Recognition to the rescue

Extending the algorithm [7 min]

  • The need to extend the algorithm
  • Introducing Machine Learning
  • Using GAAN to train algorithm over diverse datasets


A healthy curiosity / scepticism about Machine Learning & the hype around it.

Speaker bio

Akbar Ladak has built technical & business solutions using Computer Vision & Machine Learning at Honeywell & Wipro for over a decade. He is currently the Founder & CEO at Kaaenaat, which builds terrestrial & aerial mapping solutions using images & LiDAR data.


Preview video


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    Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a year ago

    Please submit a preview video explaining what this talk is about and key takeaways. Also, draft slides. By 10 June.

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    Akbar Ladak (@bluplaneter) Proposer a year ago

    I’ve provided a preview video of the talk and will upload the slides shortly.

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    Akbar Ladak (@bluplaneter) Proposer a year ago

    I’ve updated the proposal with a draft slide deck. I’ll add more details over the next few days.

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