Anthill Inside Miniconf – Pune

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence: concepts, applications and tools.

Jayesh Sidhwani


Build intelligent, real-time applications using Machine Learning

Submitted Nov 14, 2017

The surge in the availability of large datasets, processing powers and the ability to process the data in real-time has opened up a plethora of opportunities in which Machine Learning algorithms can harness this power to build intelligent, real-time applications.

This talk will focus on how can we apply Machine Learning models to streaming data in real-time to derive insights.


  • Discuss the current-state-of-affairs for deploying Machine Learning models
  • Discuss shortcomings of this approach
  • Discuss the value of streaming data
  • Brief introduction to Apache Kafka and Streaming applications
  • Discuss how to use Apache Kafka to use ML models in real-time
  • Demonstrate how we use a Demography Prediction model in real-time

Speaker bio

Jayesh leads the Personalisation team at Hotstar. He has been building streaming applications using Apache Kafka for the last 4 years. At Hotstar, the personalisation team builds Machine Learning models for its 150 million users and delivers it real-time. He can be reached on Twitter at @jayeshsidhwani



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