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(Not so) Straight (!) fun with Linear Regression

Submitted by Vishal (@vishalgokhale) on Friday, 27 October 2017

Section: Full talk Technical level: Beginner

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We’ll conduct a live experiment with the help of volunteers and then analyze the data collected using linear regression.


We’ll test the well known concept of Linear Regression using a live experiment!
We may chance upon ‘feature engineering’ and ‘multiple linear regression’ as we pass by.


Cellular phones with stopwatch.

Speaker bio

I am a programmer with an odd love for maths. I enjoy simplifying heavy math protein into more absorbable amino acids, only to be assimilated into plump biceps of confidence, to be flexed when the situation demands.
I want to infect people with the addictive epiphanies from solving math problems.

and btw, I have been working as a programmer on Data Science projects for the last 6+ years and as a programmer for last 13+ years.



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