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Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence: concepts, applications and tools.

Applying ML in AdTech and Lifecycle of an ML project

Submitted by Satish Gopalani (@satishg) on Nov 10, 2017

Section: Full talk Technical level: Beginner Status: Confirmed & Scheduled


This talk will provides insights into how ML is being applied to solve real world problems in AdTech and at scale in PubMatic. It will also cover the entire lifecycle of a typical Machine Learning Project.

Key Takeaways:
Real World applications of ML at Scale Understanding lifecycle of a typical Machine Learning and Data Science project Understanding ways to approach a Data Science Problem

Intended Audience:
Beginners & Intermediate users having some knowledge of ML. ML and Data Science Enthusiasts


  • Applications of ML in AdTech
  • Real World examples in PubMatic
  • Lifecycle of a typical ML project
  • Tuning and interpreting modelling results
  • Conclusion and key takeaways

Speaker bio

Speakers: Dinesh Kandhari and Satish Gopalani

Machine Learning/AI and Distributed Systems engineers who enjoy solving complex problems and design application & systems to work at scale



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