Moondancing Sessions

LiveCoding music on the surface of the moon!

Join us for a live streamed Algorave with a dramatically new lineup.

Illest Preacha from Canada will be mixing up rap/poetry along with his livecoded music in sonic pi, and visuals in hydra.

Tig3rbabu from Mumbai will be playing back songs from his new album “Burnt Sienna is My Face”.

Nanditi from Jaipur will livecode alien-sounding compositions and improvisations bound in structures of Hindustani music bringing out the possibilities of #OneMusic.

BeatNyk is a musician/dj from Chennai who will make sounds and call them music. Hopefully everyone will agree. We honestly believe he’ll make it go boom.👊🏽

This will be a live streamed event and will also broadcast at Mozilla UXR Hubs (link below) in VR enviroment designed by Sound.Codes and Khoparzi

Watch it on YouTube Experience it in VR at UXR Hubs

More about Algorave India
Algorave, short for algorithmic rave, is a performance format and underground movement that revolves around the practice of live-coding, that is, writing and editing code live in front of an audience to create music and visuals. Emerging out of the demo scene of the 1980s and 1990s—where people would swap demos of graphics and music software—live coding has been a medium for performing arts for almost three decades, but it was usually restricted to either the art world or tech and trans-media events. Then, in 2012, Sheffield-based musicians Alex McLean and Nick Collins decided to take live coding into the club environment, organizing live coding jams at local music venues under the algorave banner.

In May of 2018, musician/filmmaker/technologist Abhinay Khoparzi, and filmmaker/vj/mother-of-various-subcultures-in-mumbai Dhanya Pilo co-instigated Algorave India, a collective of artists, musicians, and visualists intent on promoting programming as performance art through events called Algoraves.

Algorave India is a loosely formed collective with a few permanent members like Khoparzi, Dhanya, Akash Sharma, and Joshua “Tig3rbabu” Thomas as well as collaborators like CC Sante, Music Tech India group and local/international guest artists who come on board in the various cities we do our events in.

Algorave India is an attempt by local artists to bring creative coding to the forefront and blur lines between artists and engineers