Odong Sunday

Odong Sunday


Hi, I am Sunday Odong, a full-stack software developer practicing Vue.js & Vuex, React.js & Redux, Ruby on Rails, and Express.js with more than three years of experience in software development.

My experience as a software developer consists of freelancing for a remote company called Learning dollar talent. I also worked as a full-stack software developer for start-up companies in my country Uganda where I helped developers write an article blog that explains relationships in the Mongo database using Express.js and also developed scalable applications using React.js & Redux, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, and Node/Express.js.

In February 2020, I decided to join Microverse, a remote school that teaches its students through remote pair programming where I was able to improve both my technical and non-technical skills. At Microverse, I was able to improve my software development skills in Ruby on Rails and remote programming through interactions with more senior Software developers in the school.
I am full available for front-end, back-end and full-stack software development opportunities.

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