One of the fundaments reasons why Cyberattacks are so successful and damaging, its because of excessive Network access. Users have way more network access than they need or ever should.
This means that once an attacker compromises one machine inside the network, it’s way more easy for them to spread and cause damage. As a result IT & Security teams cannot trust their own networks. The Irony here is, due to that excessive trust, between machines, we cannot trust our own networks.

InstaSafe’s mission is to take away that excessive trust between machines, so that we all can trust our networks again. Our Zero Trust Network access based on the software defined perimeter framework, offers flexible and unmatched options for businesses.

Until now, that hasn’t been easy, considering the dynamic nature & scale of todays networks. Most of us, don’t have the time or resources or budget to constantly work on our network segmentation, or to implement any effective & simple solutions out there for every user & every machine.

Founded since 2012 by a seasoned team with more than 100+man years of experience in the Cybersecurity space and venture backed, InstaSafe’s mission is to make the internet safe and make the world more open and connected. InstaSafe is trusted by more than 100+ customers globally across verticals, thrice winners of the prestigious CIO Choice awards, and has been a winner of the IBM Global Entrepreneurship program and incubated by Netapp Excellarator, Oracle Cloud Startup Accelerator and Microsoft Ventures. Visit for more information.

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