Public lecture by Zooko Wilcox

Public lecture by Zooko Wilcox

A talk on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the importance of privacy.

Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies were born out of the financial crisis in 2008 promising a future without banks or intermediaries. Fast forward 10 years and we are looking at an exciting technology which can upend not just banking but can improve the processes around everything that involves a central trusted authority. This technology expects a strong background in engineering, cryptography and also soft skills like behavioural economics.

Come, meet Zooko and talk about blockchain, encryption, permission-less innovation, and freedom. Zooko has more than 20 years of experience in open, decentralized systems, cryptography and information security, and startups. He is recognized for his work on DigiCash, Mojo Nation, ZRTP, “Zooko’s Triangle”, Tahoe-LAFS, BLAKE2, and SPHINCS. He is also the Founder of Least Authority. He sometimes blogs about health science. He tweets a lot.

Note: This meetup is for technologists, developers, policymakers and entrepreneurs to understand the vision and utility around Zcash and zk-snarks), and how they can benefit and contribute to the projects. Discussions around ICOs or cryptocurrency valuations will not be allowed.


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