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Standardized Payment Experience on Web with Wallets

Submitted by GANDHI KISHOR ADDANKI (@kishorag) on Saturday, 9 December 2017

Section: Crisp talk Technical level: Beginner


The check-out experience on e-commerce web site is cumbersome. One in four cart abandonments are happening due to “too long / complicated checkout process”. W3C’s Web Payments WG is trying to bring a unified check out experience at web scale using Payment Request API. W3C Web payments also simplifies paying on web with Wallets. This talk focuses on Wallets integration on web with open specification.


Why W3C Web Payments ?
Paying with cards using Payment Request API
Paying with Web Wallets using Payment Handler API
Paying with Native Wallets using Payment method Manifest

Speaker bio

Working as part of Samsung Mobile Web team to bring support of latest web standards in Samsung Internet Browser. Part of supporting latest Web Payment standard in Samsung mobile browser. Prior to this worked on Samsung Java ME platform to bring capabilities of Multi VM, Bluetooth, NFC etc.. Also worked as specification lead for JSR 332.


  • Zainab Bawa (@zainabbawa) Reviewer a year ago

    This proposal can be part of the design and usability clinic at 50p.

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