50p 2017

A conference about India's digital payments ecosystem.

Navigating regulations: Paytm's experience as Wallet and Payment Bank

Submitted by Prerna Kalra (@prernakalra) on Saturday, 21 January 2017


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Sailing so far on Digital Payment Mission with India’s existing Payment Infrastructure, Regulation (and its ambiguity), Cost/Tax Regime


While demonetization upsurged digital payments, real test of our products will be when merchants and consumers continue to embrace their choice even when cash-supply stabilizes. If we are aiming to outdistance cash payment, we will have to build convenient, secure and stable products to win consumer’s trust and still be least costly product for merchant and give maximum ancillary benefits for their business.

In my talk I will try to answer few of these questions:
How do we deliver best payment product yet understanding and abiding by regulation How do we find our way when both payment infrastructure and acquirers/partners are not catching up to your pace

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